Work First, Play Later

A bartender who’s a clown? A waiter who’s a nudist? It’s no wonder! Work isn’t always a hobby! Guess and investigate who is who - don’t let first impressions fool you! 

Our bilingual book will allow you not only to reveal what kind of hobbies we enjoy after work hours, but also to practice English vocab!

Part of the creative pack is also the set:
What Will I Be?
A collection of stickers for the artistic portrayal of your dream job.


Price: 440 CZK

Olga Yakubovskaya

Lukáš Csicsely

Language variation: English-Czech
Translation: Tereza Novická
Technique: hole book
Format: 190 x 150 mm / 88 pages
lSBN: 978-80-906625-6-8
print run: 500 pcs
Year of publishing: 2017