The POP – PAP emerged from our love for books and paper.

We’re a team of artists and friends. For your and our amusement alike, we create picture books and stationery products that will entertain and adorn you. We take pride in making each publication unique, hand-crafted, and in a limited print run.

Our books are not only an experience for the eye, but for the sense of touch as well!

While new technologies quickly become obsolete, paper still remains a popular medium. Through it, you too can become part of various games and stories.

Try them and play! Experience a unique paper adventure with the POP - PAP book series!

Who’s behind it all:

MgA. Marcela Konárková (leader and designer)
Public Art company s.r.o. [ltd.] (technology and production)

and others...

Yelena Demidová (illustrations, promotion) 
Martina Nožičková (illustrations, promotion)
Alžběta Burešová (animation)
studio Soudva (graphic design)
Lenka Kohoutová (illustrations)
Renáta Žáková (illustrations)
Olga Yakubovskaya (illustrations)
Lukáš Csicsely (texts)
Jakub Kadlec (proofreading)


We love paper and appreciate countless possibilities to work with it. We are thinking about its functionality and aesthetics. It is a great medium for us to create a unique work that can decorate, enjoy and serve different purposes. That is why, besides editorial activity, we also focus on organizing thematic workshops and using paper in areas such as advertising and marketing.

Our team is made up of illustrators, graphic artists, designers, animators, lecturers and writers. We have not skills only in graphic design, but also a multi-functional printing facility and a bookstore.

Are you looking for originality and quality? Do you need to advise, creatively tune, or bring your idea to final? POP - PAP will create a tailored product for you!

more information:

Who we worked with:

  • Czech Television - pop-up book for the historical movie (2017)
  • Raul! – photo frame from the paper serve as an invitation on „Jizerská 50“ race (2017)
  • Pardubice castel –  pop-up brochure serve as an info material (2017 – 2018)
  • workshops – aquarell (Knihex, 2017), Stencil drawing (Vnitroblock, 2017), authors book (Graphic of the year, 2018)